“Our vision is to encourage others to discover who they are as disciples of Jesus, to be secure in this knowledge and to consider how they live this out in their own context”

Caf4e Values Love God



To honour and worship God with our whole lives

To devote ourselves to enriching the missionary community by committing to pray, serve, and learn together

To follow the Holy Spirit’s leading by committing to seek God and his heart for the broken and lost

Caf4e Values Love Others



To love our neighbour

To discover our gifting and destiny so to build up and encourage the Missional community

To join others in their life journey to reveal Christ through our words, actions and attitudes

Caf4e Values Make Disciples



To draw others into relationship with the heavenly community

To impart the truth of the Christian faith as revealed in the Bible and Christian Creeds

To bring new believers to baptism sending them out equipped with the gifts of the Holy Spirit to replicate simple Christian communities