CAF4E ‘carpenters arms fellowship 4 everyone’

CAF4E is a community of Christians who are on a journey towards establishing a network of Missional Communities focusing on Worship, discipleship and mission. This concept is not new, the early church lived out a similar way of life because in its infancy it had few resources and often suffered persecution. The church today exists with limited resources and in a society who fails to see the relevance of the Christian faith. Therefore, we seek to establish a fresh expression of church through our community life together. We aim to reveal Jesus to others by engaging with our local community, serving and building meaningful relationships.

Jesus Centred – Worship, Discipleship & Mission

Gerry and Jo Bowyer lead this initiative, which was established in partnership with Church Army and the Anglican Church. Gerry is an ordained priest and Church Army evangelist. He is also the operations director of Aberdeen Street Pastors. Jo is also a Church Army evangelist and manages the Caf4e@ Credo coffee shop.