caf4e icons worship prayer praise gathering Aberdeen


Caf4e meets at two different locations currently, please check our calendar for the location on any given Sunday.

We meet in a cafe style and our meetings start at 10:30am where we start by having a light breakfast together.

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Community Meals happen on the alternative weeks to Discipleship weeks.

We usually gather on a Wednesday evening for bring and share meals in homes at 7:00pm.

During the meal we share stories of life and when the meal has concluded we often pray for each other and the needs of the world.

CAf4e Credo Coffee Shop Christian Ministry


Credo is a Coffee Shop in John Street, Aberdeen. We have opened this venue with the vision of it becoming another Missional community.

There is a Community Room available where charitable groups meet to train volunteers or run their meetings

The space is also used for outreach through Alpha and as a worship space.

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The Caf4e & Company Lunch Club works with the Aberdeen Health and Social Care Partnership to provide a bi-weekly lunch club for socially isolated individuals.

We meet at Destiny on every other Friday at 12:30pm. This is one of the ways we serve the local community. 

Click here for some lunch club photos.

Caf4e Values Make Disciples


Disciples are encouraged to grow, to become disciple makers

We have a Wednesday Discipleship Evening every two weeks, which is open to all who want to learn about the Bible and to explore the fivefold ministries in depth.

Discipleship evenings meet at 7:30pm to 9:30pm

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Huddles are small groups that meet at a time suitable for group members during our discipleship weeks.

The leader who facilitates each person within the group to answer two main questions. Firstly, ‘What is God saying?’ and secondly, ‘What are you going to do?’.

Participants learn about the discipleship tools we use which help us grow as followers of Jesus. Please contact Gerry for more details